KorPartners was founded to provide contact centers with a new choice.  Contact center operations are comprised of multiple choices: What technology does our contact center use for daily operations?  Who manages and operates our contact center?  KorPartners offers the answers to these questions by allowing you to choose the solution that best meets your organizational needs.  You choose the right blend of technology and operational services that are right for your organization.  KorPartners does not attempt to squeeze you into a one-size-fits-all solution.  Instead, we partner with you to discover the optimal mix of operations for you.  Solutions range from KorPartners providing a fully managed, staffed and serviced contact center, to providing just one application to implement into your technology framework.  Who knows the answer to what you need more than you?  We look forward to partnering with you to find out!

KorPartners thrives in a culture of always looking for the best solution, continued learning and the genuine desire to be a true business partner. 

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Independent or Virtual Contact Center Locations

KorPartners is located in Minnesota and currently operates two contact centers in Chanhassen and Mendota Heights. In addition, a virtual contact center segment is currently operational.  Staffing, Training, Quality Assurance and Management can all be provided at the location of your choosing.

Customer Service Representatives    

KorPartners truly believes we have the “best of the best” when it comes to our Customer Service Representatives.  Candidates are identified based on their ability to think independently, problem solving affinity, and of course; their communication and customer service skills.  Each candidate must complete a meticulous training course developed and administered by our Training team.  Along with the how-to’s of their new role, candidates are taught the values of the contact center they are representing.  After completing classroom training and passing a written test, candidates are graduated as full-fledged Customer Service Representatives. As they become productive, our Quality Assurance team regularly monitors their performance looking for areas of improvement and ensuring all work is performed within our top-shelf service standards.

Help Desk

KorPartners provides help desk support to our clients.  Our quick and efficient help desk staff answer questions through a help desk hotline and also respond to email inquiries. 

Call Taking Hours

KorPartners maintains dedicated customer service representatives for each contact center we operate.  We can provide call taking services during standard business hours or 24/7, based on the needs of your contact center. 

Call Script

Each contact center requires its own call script.  KorPartners can use your current script, or review and develop a new script with you; based on the best practices and experience we have gained working with other clients.

Marketing and Communications

KorPartners provides in-house marketing and communications services to support the mission of your contact center.  A variety of communication methods can be employed, including email marketing, mailings, advertising and event sponsorship.


Ongoing monitoring of the contact center’s activities and service levels is a critical aspect to contact center management.  KorPartners tracks and analyzes several key performance metrics and reports those statistics on a regular basis to our clients. 

Process Automation

A key differentiator in KorPartners business processes is automation.  By incorporating the efficiency, accuracy and standardization that is found in process automation, KorPartners maintains repeatable benefits that can be shared with the contact centers we operate.  Reductions in labor and human error are the two largest areas of improvement seen with process automation

Technology and Online Applications

KorPartners solid foundation in technology allows us to provide the industry’s most complete and comprehensive set of applications. 

Telephone System

KorPartners utilizes a powerful and flexible phone system.  The system allows KorPartners to distribute core calling function across multiple geographic locations to ensure continuous operations.  This configuration also drastically reduces the amount of time required to add a new contact center location to our operation. 

Redundant Servers and Redundant Data Centers

KorPartners owns and operates redundant data servers in independent, redundant data centers.  Each server operates separately from all other servers, while still communicating and maintaining the same data.  Multiple data center locations ensure information and operational stability that might otherwise be lost in a physical disaster.  KorPartners has an established disaster recovery plan, detailing business continuation and procedures in case an emergency were ever to occur.  If one data center was ever to be harmed, another center remains completely operational preventing service interruptions and guaranteeing contact center operations continue.     

Data Security

Along with contact center and informational stability, redundant data centers and servers provides security that cannot be found with a single data source.  Technological and physical security is always maintained through our disaster recovery system.  Using the global leader in security and network devices, KorPartners has worked to remove any single point of failure from the system.  This equipment also helps ensure that the KorPartners network is protected from any security threats that may exist.


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